Monday, October 15, 2012

Candles to the Test

One of the many things that I learned from my mother is that there should always be a candle burning in the house. Now that I am living on my own, I have taken it to heart, and the first thing I do when I come home is light a candle, if not two. Because my mother is so in love with candles, we have put many different kinds to the test. When she came to visit me in Dallas last year, we had a mother-daughter spa day and we came across these lovely candles while we were there. Being my mom, she had to buy at least three and proceeded to ordered six more when she got back to Arizona. Yes, six candles. I knew I had to share this brand for all of my candle lovers out there! Check them on their website--my favorites are "Wine & Roses," "Bird of Paradise" and "Sweet Pea" 


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  1. I just bought a few lavender candles yesterday at a darling little store. Let me know if you're ever in LA, and I'll give you the name!

    Brooke du jour


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