Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What to Wear: Summer Internship

My best friend, Sophie, has asked me to create a post with different internship outfits for the summer. She will be working in Washington D.C., so it is going to be warm which is why I created a variety of outfits that are work-appropriate and so chic at the same time!

I love these colored blouses paired with either a pencil skirt or nice pants. It is fun to mix up the colors on bottom, as black and white can get boring. You can always add a blazer to any of these blouses to cover your shoulders (I am a big fan of white blazers for the summer).

Not in the mood to wear a skirt or pants? Dresses are the perfect option! As long as they are the appropriate length, they are perfect for a day at the office! Don't want to bare your shoulders? These colored sweaters from J.Crew are adorable & come in so many different colors!

Of course you have to spice your business outfit up with your own accessories, or getting dressed in the morning can get monotonous. That's why summer scarves and chunky necklaces are great options! I also find colored belts to be great paired with either a pencil skirt or nice dress pants. You will definitely need a good bag to hold your laptop, and don't forget the shoes! Make sure they are comfortable, just in case you will be walking around a lot. And aim for the right height! (Save your stilettos for night!)
Happy Interning! I wish everyone the best of luck!!


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