Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday Brunch Spot: Cibus

Yesterday, instead of being in the library like I should have been... I went out for brunch with my roommate, Alex, and her sister who was in town! Tucked away inside Northpark, we found this great restaurant called Cibus which serves brunch, lunch, and dinner. Of course I asked for the brunch menu, because brunch is my favorite meal...
As I "made my own" omelette full of veggies & sipped on bottomless mimosas, I would say it was a great Sunday morning!

What I'm wearing: Burberry coat (it was freezing!), blue J.Crew sweater peaking out from underneath, Citizen's of Humanity black skinny jeans, and classic Chanel flats. Of course I had to pair it with my signature H bracelet, (just got the yellow for Xmas and I am in love!) and how cute is this hot pink bracelet?! Found it at J.Crew & the pink is definitely putting me in a good mood as I look down!

Happy Monday!

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