Monday, September 22, 2014

3 Bloggers//Fall Transitions

Fall= plaid, plaid, and more plaid for me. I have a bit of an obsession with flannel shirts, because you style them in so many different ways. Skinny jeans, a leather skirt, layered under a leather jacket, you name it! I just recently picked this one up, and I plan on never taking it off because it is so soft. Layered underneath this light sweater, and it's the perfect Fall outfit. Layering is key for the upcoming months because I could walk out the door in 50 degree weather, and later it will be 75 degrees. How do you transition into Fall? P.S. Make sure to stop by Dear Serendipity and Adored by Alex to see how those ladies transition into Fall! xx 

P.S. Excuse the bags under my eyes, these pictures were taken mid-studying for my Organic Chemistry test today. Yikes! 

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  1. loving this! so happy we could collab again. xo


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