Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Plaid: Yay? Nay?

Ok. I don't know about ya'll, but I am totally falling for plaid this season. Scarves, skirts, dresses, or pea coats, I am totally obsessed. I mean, how cute are these coffee cups that Emily styled with her homemade hot chocolate and marshamallows? I was browsing Pinterest on Sunday night and found so many images for inspiration. That pencil skirt is to die for.... How are you going to style plaid into your wardrobe this season? I have this peplum top in my cart right now! Stay tuned to see how I styled my new plaid mini skirt from Zara! 

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  1. Plaid is definitely a yay for me. I'm on the hunt for a plaid pencil skirt- the one I wanted on Nordstrom is sold out : (

    PS- I'm hosting a giveaway with Truly Madly Deeply, a T-shirt line sold exclusively at Urban Outfitters, for 3 adorable T-shirts! I'd love for you and your followers to enter! Details are on my blog.

    Brooke du jour


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