Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Classic Stripes

There's nothing like a good striped button down. I feel that it is a necessary item in everyone's closet! It is also the perfect transition shirt to go from work-->dinner. I wore this outfit to work last week, and to make it a bit more casual for dinner, all I had to do was roll up my sleeves, untuck my shirt and throw my hair up in a messy pony! Naturally, I had to pop on over to the golf course (which is conveniently located over our back wall), to snap some pics before dinner. P.S. This essie 'waltz' is my new go-to color for a classic mani, not too white, not too pink...if you know what I mean?! 

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  1. love this look Morgan! simple and classic :)

    xo SideSmile,
    SideSmile Style


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