Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Halloween is seriously my all-time favorite holiday...I honestly get way too excited when October rolls around, and start thinking about how I am going to decorate months before the 1st. Here's a peek at what my apartment looks like right now. I haven't gotten around to carve pumpkins yet, but stay tuned for a fun DIY project that includes pumpkins and lots of glitter! PS How fun are these candy jars? I had such a vision to find the perfect ones, and of course my mama came to the rescue and found these babies! I can't wait to fill them for other holidays/seasons! 

Candle wrapped in barbed wire & baby pumpkins

A bowl of squash sitting in the middle of my kitchen table
What are you going to be for Halloween? Surprisingly, I have yet to decide! I am thinking a flapper?



  1. What a cute apartment! Love the candle holders! Happy Halloween!

  2. LOVE those candy jars. I need something like this for my party Saturday!

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