Monday, September 24, 2012

Emmy's Best Dressed {top five}

Unfortunately, I did not get to watch the Emmy's last night, as I was studying Organic Chemistry. I life rocks, right? But I made sure to TIVO both the red carpet and the awards show so I can watch it from beginning to end...even though I know Homeland (my new favorite series) and Modern Family stole the show. As a study break, I had to look at the red carpet's best and worst dressed. Here are my top five best dressed. These ladies get an A+ in my book! What were your favorite looks?

Heidi Klum: Project Runway

Sophia Vergara: Modern Family

Cat Deeley: So You Think You Can Dance

Julie Bowen: Modern Family

Morena Baccarin: Homeland

Photos via E! 



  1. Good picks. I also loved Zooey Deschanel's dress!

    Brooke du jour


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