Monday, June 18, 2012

It's a Wrap!

When I think wrap bracelet, I think Chan Luu. However, Chan Luu bracelets (although they are adorable & so stylish), can get pretty pricey (ranging from $200-300). But, good news! Chan Luu is not the only designer who makes these fab bracelets, which is why I went on the hunt to find equally as cute wraps, but for much cheaper! This makes it even more fun, because you can by a couple of them for the same price as one Chan Luu!! Of course, Baublebar once again... didn't fail me, which is where you can find all of the bracelets above (except for the Chan Luu in the corner). Have you caught on to the wrap trend? I have, and absolutely love it! (they look great paired next to a watch)


Top to bottom (row one): Chroma Craft wrap, Tan spiked, City wrap, Rose gold
Top to bottom (row two): Black & gold, Neon coral, Chan Luu

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