Friday, April 20, 2012

Go Green!

Go green

Because Earth Day is just a few days away (4.22.12), I have been trying to think of more ways that I can "go green"... I am already pretty good about using plastic water bottles and avoiding Styrofoam when I can--but one of my "green goals" this year is to start using my canvas totes when I go to the grocery store. It's such a waste to use all of those plastic bags, it just makes me sick thinking about it! I discovered these totes a few years ago, but I have yet to put them to use (what a shame...) But I need to have my mom ship them ASAP, so I can put them to good use! I also love some of these fun crafts that I found on Pinterest, which turns garbage into art. How will you go green this year? I encourage you to set a goal for yourself to help make our planet a better place. Whether it be riding your bike to work, or taking that extra step to throw your water bottle in the recycle bin. Even if it is the smallest thing, it can make an impact.


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