Friday, March 23, 2012

Reunion Tower

This is a spot in downtown Dallas that you do not want to miss! As our mom's came in for DG Mom's weekend, we started off the weekend on a good note by having a fabulous dinner at the famous Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck at the famous Reunion Tower. As the restaurant revolved throughout the night, we enjoyed a decadent meal with excellent wine and cocktails. Here are some of the photos that I captured from the night. 

Mangotini, Filet Mignon, Halibut, & Salmon-(definitely recommend)

Peanut Butter tarte, wine cellar, lobster and shrimp spring rolls, coconut cake (the desserts were such a tease considering Lent is still going on....)     

My beautiful mama and of course the roomies!

Reunion Ball & Louboutin's


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