Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Those who think that ponytails are "bad hair remedies" are SO wrong! Here are 4 ways that you can rock that ponytail and prove to everyone you are not having a bad hair day!

Low Side Ponytail
This style is great for any occassion because you can truly dress it up or down. 
For a more feminine look, try curling the ends! 

Carrie Underwood
Messy Ponytail
I happen to be a huge fan of the "messy ponytail" because not only is it effortless, but it looks great on anyone!

Blake Lively

High & Sleek Ponytail
I don't know about you, but when I think of a high and sleek ponytail, I think: Kim Kardashian! This pony is so sexy! Key to a successful sleek pony: Make sure your hair is straight and take advantage of hair spray so there aren't any fly-aways! 

Kim Kardashian
High-Braided Ponytail
I love this look because it is so simple, yet so elegant! It is versatile and wearable for any casual or fancy event--but make sure to keep it high and braid until the end! 

Penelope Cruz



  1. I know it's not a ponytail but another good idea is the high sleek bun!

  2. Laken, I LOVE a high sleek bun...so chic! Thank you for your comment!


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